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Review of Airtable

Thalia Plata

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Overall Experience
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What does Airtable do well?
We love using it to create and edit our public databases, as it allows us to see in real time the updates they have. In addition to this, we are allowed to manage shopping carts, so it is generally used for online stores. Airtable also adapts to different essential functions in this area, such as the execution of a discount system and an administrator for coupons, which are managed through codes. Airtable shows a deployment that makes it favorable in management through desktops. It can also be used for the detailed management of online payments, so it is basically easy to become independent of all those slow software for online store programming and marketing at the same time.
What does Airtable not do well?
The problem with Airtable is that it does not help us to manage the life of our clientele, since it does not have such a function (life cycle monitoring). Airtable does not serve to manage expenses, or budgets in general, and does not store our work documents on external monitoring in the cloud.
What do you wish you had known about Airtable before using?
This software generates new opportunities to create marketing of any size. Airtable has made it very easy for us to follow up on our web pages, and we have been able to adapt it to the social networks we use every day. This service has resulted in a comfortable wonder when you have had to work with automated marketing, which we normally manage through your own automation system. In addition, we have managed to work much better with the scoring of our potential clients.
Have you used a competitor to Airtable? If so, how does it compare?
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