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Review of GoToMeeting

Kendra Quevedo

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What does GoToMeeting do well?
It is excellent that GoToMeeting has so many channels so we can communicate online. An example of this is its recording system, with which we can save all meetings online and retrieve them when necessary. In addition, we can easily perform shared screen operations, which normally serve to show our contacts what is happening within our work area. In any case, this function has helped us a lot to be able to better focus the effort in giving explanations and teaching to perform certain operations at work. GoToMeeting helps communication with our contacts become more interactive, and that we can run small direct surveys through meetings. This method is recommended to ensure that you always maintain adequate feedback quality.
What does GoToMeeting not do well?
Within GoToMeeting we cannot configure our own forums, even in the case of smaller forums. Nor can we use it to work with diffusion on demand, or for the detailed insertion of comments on the shared screens of our contacts. In addition, a system of notes that can be integrated into the activity calendar cannot be implemented.
What do you wish you had known about GoToMeeting before using?
Since we decided to implement GoToMeeting as software to run our videoconferences we have achieved much broader results. The platform serves to make file sharing operations through online chats easier to customize, helping us maintain a faster reach to those files after the end of each meeting. In addition, it provides great stability, which is excellent if you have a relatively poor internet connection.
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