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Review of Canva

Marie Whitney

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What does Canva do well?
It has integration and optimization capabilities with the most important social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, among others, this helps that the design of your creations adapt perfectly to the environment where they will be deployed, avoiding any sizing issues along the way, also offers editing logos, importing images. It is an application that is accessible to any user who owns a computer giving it great flexibility to work and increase their productivity at the same time.
What does Canva not do well?
Although the creation process is very good and flexible in functions within the free version the export of images loses considerably the quality making the final product that present on a platform like Instagram is of very low quality and you look very below in front of your competition. Some features like inserting videos are not available something that is very unfortunate to find in a design software. The search function does not throw accurate results besides that there is no way to sort between paid and free functions to make the search more modular.
What do you wish you had known about Canva before using?
The loss of image quality when exported outside canva is something that I would have liked to know from the beginning so that I had not wasted time and have opted for the paid version and perform ingthis type of actions. Hidden payments are available for additional features that are not included in the app's paid plans. If you are an advanced user you will want to know from the beginning that the application lacks options that are present in more specialized design software.
Have you used a competitor to Canva? If so, how does it compare?
Powerpoint is an application that I use for a long time even from my childhood but when I discovered canva it was time to leave it in the past. Canva offers optimized templates for different social media which are my main source of demo of my product, Powerpoint on the other hand does not have this kind of options like size, crop and all those editing options have to be done by hand what you It adds low productivity and efficiency in design creation as well as long hours of design and adjustments.