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Review of Agendize

Marlin Mosquera

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does Agendize do well?
Easy to use - Quick - Keeps clients and appointments organized - Clients find it easy to use - Clients can change/modify their own appointments - Give me peace of mind that my appointments remain organized - So much more!
What does Agendize not do well?
The Agendize software keeps our business and client appointments very organized. Once you learn how to navigate the software, it is very easy to use! It is wonderful to be able to customize our scheduling system to our companies branding too. You can customize tons of different features on agendize.
What do you wish you had known about Agendize before using?
: We have been using Agendize for about a year now and it has been very helpful to our CRM business. We have used different scheduling systems in the past but Agendize has been the best system we tried. It is very easy for our clients to schedule their appointments with us. We have customized all of our booking widgets and Agendize has integrated seamlessly with our website and social media pages. We are a bridal boutique that has numerous appointments per week and we use Agendize on a daily basis. We have had the best experience using this software and the customer service and assistance has been wonderful as well. We would high recommend Agendize to any business who uses a client scheduling system
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