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Review of Pipeliner

Juan Contreras

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does Pipeliner do well?
Pipeliner is an excellent CRM tool that is completely focused on increasing the sales of its users, its system is completely easy to use and is very professional, Pipeliner is a highly adaptable service that allows its users to obtain increased sales results in a very surprising time, since we started using this service in our organization we have been surprised at how efficient it is, I can personally certify the high quality and productivity that this platform provides to any organization that purchases it.
What does Pipeliner not do well?
Piperliner CRM in all the time I have used it in my organization has worked very well, I think the only weakness this platform has is that it needs improvements in its mobile application, because when synchronizing information its mobile application works very slow and can cause some loss of time. In conclusion, this is the only flaw in this software that I have found so far.
What do you wish you had known about Pipeliner before using?
When I started working with this platform I had no idea that its version available for mobile phones had some shortcomings in its operation, but I really believe that these improvements can be made in the future and commended with the amazing results provided by this platform is a small detail of this software.
Have you used a competitor to Pipeliner? If so, how does it compare?
Before we implemented Piperliner CRM in our organization, the service we previously used was Koban, we worked with this platform for two years and I can say that your service was very good. But because we made updates to all the systems in our organization we decided to implement another, more up-to-date platform and met Pipeliner CRM.
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