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Review of ADP Workforce Now

Donna Finch

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does ADP Workforce Now do well?
ADP is a very user friendly product. I was able to start inputting new hires and making changes on a completely new system than I was used to from day one starting at a new job. The cost is significantly less than the system I used at my previous job.
What does ADP Workforce Now not do well?
I do wish I could open 2 windows at the same time on either the same or two different employees to compare data. The reporting is easier then I am used to from another major payroll provider, but there I was able to open 3 windows at a time within the system.
What do you wish you had known about ADP Workforce Now before using?
I wish I had known the ease of use of ADP WFN a long time ago. I would have presented it to my former employer as a better platform not only monetarily, but also because it allows employees themselves to have some control over their processed such as changing their address, exemptions, and the ability to download their own W2 form.
Have you used a competitor to ADP Workforce Now? If so, how does it compare?
I was on ADP back in 1984,then switched to Ceridian a few years later and remained on Ceridian until 2017 when I took over the Payroll Manager role at MetLife Stadium. They had ADP as their payroll provider and I was nervous about learning a new product after so many years. My fears were smashed when I sat down at my desk and while waiting for further instruction, took it upon myself to start entering new hires, processing terminations, and making changes to both my and my boss's astonishment.
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