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Review of PowerChurch Plus

Marcia Allen

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does PowerChurch Plus do well?
PowerChurch Plus is an excellent overall program for churches. It handles the membership, the contributions, the finances and payroll all very well. There are a lot more expensive programs on the market that will have all these modules but they are at least 5 times as expensive and do not handle the tasks any better than PowerChurch does. I am extremely impressed with the way Power Church does the job to help the church secretary keep all the information she needs at her fingertips. It is the best I have used.
What does PowerChurch Plus not do well?
The only problems I have had with PowerChurch really is when I, or another secretary, have entered something incorrectly or not at all. I might pull a birthday list for a particular month and someone whose name I know should be on the list isn't there. When I go back and check, their birthday has not been entered into the program. So PowerChurch can't be responsible for missing or incorrect information.
What do you wish you had known about PowerChurch Plus before using?
I do wish I had know that if a child has a different last name than his or her parents, when searching the individual names, you have to know the child's last name or you won't be able to find the child. Individual profiles are in alphabetical order only, but it would make it easier to find a child if they were listed with their parents. You can go back to the family module and family members are listed together there, but that is an extra step that might not be necessary. But what do I really wish I had know about PowerChurch Plus before using it? I should not be intimidated to try a new program because this one is so easy to learn.
Have you used a competitor to PowerChurch Plus? If so, how does it compare?
I also work at another church that uses a different membership program. It is supposed to be one of the best, but it is difficult to use, to find the information needed easily, and more difficult to input information. PowerChurch Plus stands head and shoulders above its competitors.
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