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Review of TimeSolv

Valerie Purdy-Pyeron

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does TimeSolv do well?
It keeps me on track daily to ensure I capture all time spent on client billable work. The best feature is the calendar that shows me my daily billable hours and over the whole month. It helps me to keep track and ensure that each day I meet my billable hours. It's very user friendly and easy to search for prior billings by key word or via client matter. The separate disbursement section is a very helpful tool as well. Overall, for the price point, it functions like software for a major law firm, but without the huge expense. It is a very welcome addition to a small boutique law firm.
What does TimeSolv not do well?
I wish that the timer was easier to use, separate from the time entry and actually provided a small clock separate from time entry where it provided an actual "start" and "stop". I have used other software and this was a separate function where you did not need to use it in an entry. You could also have a timer going for each matter you worked on during the day, and at the end of the day, easier addition to a time entry. A function like this would make TimeSolv even better than it already is.
What do you wish you had known about TimeSolv before using?
I think it ticks all of the boxes for needs, we knew full well what the product provided and have been happy with it since test driving.
Have you used a competitor to TimeSolv? If so, how does it compare?
We used a few competitors prior to TimeSolv. I can't even remember their names. However, we had previously used a very large, expensive platform at a larger law firm that worked for us and how the timekeepers billed and what the expectations were. TimeSolv delivered on all of those expectations (and at a lower cost).
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