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Review of Dharma Merchant Services

Overall Experience
Customer Service
Ease of Use
I signed up with Dharma, and received my processing terminal which was quite expensive. I tried to use the service several times, and it wouldn’t work. A charge got “stuck” in the system, and we never received the money. I called their customer service, and after hours of working with them over several days, they told me that their system did not work with my digital phone line. I told them that it would have been nice if I were apprised of that fact, BEFORE I spent all of the money. They will receive the terminal back and give me a refund, I suppose, but they will not credit my account for the amounts that I paid for a service that never worked, and they are charging me a $25 account closure fee. I am not impressed with Dharma, and I think they owe it to their customers to tell them beforehand, that their system does not work with certain phone lines.