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Review of Dharma Merchant Services

Tom,We deeply apologize that you had a negative experience with Dharma, and it's never our intent to leave merchants feeling dissatisfied. Please accept our personal apologies for your experience. We'd like to comment on a few aspects of our services to provide a bit of clarity:1. We typically don't sell the expensive terminal you purchased, as we've found that wireless terminals are often too expensive for merchants in relation to the associated benefits provided. That's why we so heavily promote our Vx520 terminal which is only $299. But, because you had specific needs surrounding wireless processing, we sold a more-expensive-than-normal wireless terminal. However, we would like to note that we make very little profit on terminal sales. We sell our devices for close to our cost, and these wireless terminals are just inherently expensive units.2. We have hundreds of merchants using digital phone lines without issue! But sometimes, there are technical limitations that we have no control over which can cause processing headaches. We routinely offer to merchants that IP (internet) connections are our preferred method of connection, but in the interests of improving acceptance capabilities, we always allow merchants to connect via phone lines too. Unfortunately, we are unable to verify with 100% certainty that any phone line out there will not have connection issues. We did troubleshoot on numerous occasions and spent hours of our time attempting to resolve the issue! But we are unable to control the transmission capabilities of digital phone lines, unfortunately.3. Similar to a cell phone plan, we have hard costs to keep an account open on our networks. Just having the ability to process credit cards requires several components - a live merchant account which must register with the card associations, a SIM card to connect to the wireless networks, paper statements, customer support, etc. We have many costs when opening and closing accounts. As such, we have a $25 account closure fee to help us defer some of these costs. To give some insight, we are assessed $4/month for 6 months AFTER an account is closed, just to keep the account on file for potential chargebacks! There are numerous other small costs that we incur when processing for an account. That's why we state our account closure fee in very clear verbiage when signing up with Dharma. Since this account was in operation for over three months' time, we did charge our account closure fee of $25, per our agreement.Again, we want to express our apologies that you felt our services weren't satisfactory. We do our best to meet merchant needs, but in some scenarios, we are unable to do so due to extenuating circumstances. It just so happened that your business had phone lines that were unable to accommodate for credit card transactions, which left us unable to properly support your account. We did our very best to provide alternate solutions and workarounds, but we also recognize that your time is valuable and you need a solution that works.If you're ever open to revisiting Dharma Merchant Services, we'd be honored to give the relationship another shot. We feel that we've acted in good faith throughout the entire account, but are more than willing to concede that not everything worked smoothly, and for that we greatly apologize. Please let us know if we can ever be of service, and we truly wish you and your organization all the best moving forward.With gratitude, Dharma Merchant Services